Ardh And Maha Kumbha Mela Haridwar India

Biggest gatharing in the "World"

Maha Kumbh Mela in India

Kumbh Mela is festival of Hindu Religion. It is one of the largest human congregations on the Earth, It is the largest gathering of Hindu people (also the largest religious gathering in the world). Kumbh Mela attracts hindu pilgrims from all over the worlds.
The main ritual is to take holy bath. Hindu people believe that if they take bath on specific date at the perticular area (where it is believed that the drop of nector fell down) during Kumbh Mela, it will remove thiier sins and they will get "moksha". Moksha is end of the cycle of rebirth.
Kumbh Mela is one of the largest human congregations, The observance of Maha Kumbh Mela has achieved international popularity as "The biggest act of faith." Millions of pilgrims come from different direction of world to participate in the holy event of Maha Kumbh with a tremendous faith. The religious history of Kumbh Mela associated with numerous legends. According to the legend, In ancient time Indra (the king of Demigods) lost his kingdom of heaven to the Demon Bali as he was cursed by the sage Durwasa due to the disrespect to the sage. Indra asked for some solution to Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma's advice, the gods began to churn the ocean Ksheer Sagar to obtain amrit from its waters with the help of demons. As a result of the churning they will get Amrit (nector) which can make indra and his assciates immortals. For the sea churning Mandara Mountain was used as stick and Vasuki Nag (Great Snake) was used as rope. Lord Vishnu took incarnation as a Kurma (Tortoise) to provide support to Mandara Mountain. Total 14 valuables were emerged from the Ksheer Sagar during the churning. The first was Halahal (poison) which was accepted by lord Shiva. When Lord Shiva swallowed it parwati (Lord Shiv's Wife) pressed Lord Shiva's neck to prevent the poison from going into the stomach. As the poison remained in neck of Lord Shiva the neck became blue. The Lord Shiva is also known as Neelkanth. After that they got Kamdhenu (cow which can fulfill the wishes), Ucchaisrava (White horse), Airavat (The White Elephant), Kaustubh Mani (The precious stone), Kalpvriksh (Tree which can fulfeel the wishes), Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth), Varuni (Goddess of wine), Apsaras (Rambha, Menka etc), Parijat Tree (Flowering Tree with everlasting blossom), Sharanga (Powerful Bow), Chandra (Moon), Dhanvantari (Doctor of Gods) with Pot (Kumbh) of Amrit (Nector) in his hand. When they decided to distribute the Amrit between Devas (Indra and his associates) and Danavas (Demons) Lord Vishnu incarnated as beautiful girl Mohini. Mohini charmed demons with her beauty and distributed Amrit to Devas and Wine to Danavas. One Danav Swarbhanu realized this and joined Devas after changing is look. He drank Amrit and became immortal but Lord Vishnu realized this and immidiately cut the head of Swarbhanu. As Demon was immortal his head and body became two individual demons known as Rahu (head part) and Ketu (Body). To save the Amrit from Danavas Devas run away with Nector. Danavas followed them. During this chase and fight was lasted for 12 Days. During this time four drops of nector fell down at four place on the earth. This four places are River Ganga At Haridwar and Allahabad, Kshipra River at Ujjain and Godavari at Nasik. Finally Devas became immortals and defeated Danavas and got thier kingdom of heaven back. The 12 days of Devas are equals to 12 human years. The Maha Kumbh Mela is celebrated at Prayag after 144 years (after 12 'Purna Kumbh Melas'). Depending on what position the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter hold in that period in different zodiac signs, the venue for Kumbh Mela is decided. The calculations have been provided below for information.

When & Where Kumbh Mela is Celebrated in India ?

Kumbh Mela at Allahabad
When Jupiter is in Aries or Taurus and Sun and Moon are in Capricorn during the Hindu month of Magha (January-February).
Kumbh Mela at Haridwar
When Jupiter is in Aquarius and Sun is in Aries during the Hindu month of Chaitra (March-April).
Kumbh Mela at Ujjain
When Jupiter is in Leo and Sun is in Aries, or when all three are in Libra during the Hindu month of Vaisakha (April-May).
Kumbh Mela at Nasik
When Sun and Jupiter are in Leo during the Hindu month of Bhadraprada (August-September).
2016 Ardh Kumbh Mela in india
Ardh Kumbh Mela will be celebrated at Haridwar. Taking holy bath at River Ganga is special on any day. So when there is Holy time of Kumbh Mela, Holy River Ganga and the Holy City it will make this holy bath certainly a very very special.

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