Shivpuri Rishikesh River Rafting

Also known as 18 kms 16 kms Rafting

Shivpuri to Neembeach 16 Km River Rafting Rs. 800 per person (Grade III+)

Shivpuri Rafting is a Grade III+ trip and involve all aspect of thrill and excitement that people experience throughout the rafting stretch of 16kms. During this spane difficulties are of moderate level. Shivpuri point offers around 16 km's floating adventure with exciting rapids Some of them are 1- Return to Sender: giant rapid can turn and take raft in its round river, 2- Roller Coaster: up and down rapids 3- Golf Courses as well as Club House. For Shivpuri River Rafting, people should have age above 18+ years. Before availing Shivpuri trip person onece must participate in Brahampuri trip because it may be little dangerious for Beginners. Shivpuri used to be a notable spot for Riverside Camps in Rishikesh.

What to Carry for The Shivpuri River Rafting
Comfortable Clothes
Waterproof small bag
Pair of Sleeper

Best Time for The Shivpuri River Rafting
Being a part of foothills of Himalaya, Rishikesh janurally have pleasent weather throughout the year but best time to enjoy Shivpuri Rafting stretch after September month. october to June is very good time to paticipate. The River temperature throughout this period hovers between 10 °C and 25 °C whereas the night temperature might fall to a minimum of 5°C depending upone the season. Rafting is not offered throughout the monsoon months of July and August, because the water level goes to be high.

Minimum age required for Shivpuri River Rafting is 14+ years
Note: Rs. 20 pp will also be payble by the tourist as Govt fees.

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