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About Sivananda Ashram Rishikesh

Sivananda Ashram is a great spiritual name which has been enlightened, but still alive with them who love the spirituality and know the true sense of life. The Ashram is also known as the Divine Life Society and it has a many branches all over the worlds, spreading a message of “Do Good Be Good). Sivananda Ashram located in Muni Ki Reti small town in Rishikesh, near Ram Jhula Bridge in Tehari Garhwal District. The Ashram offers many social activities free of cost like Yoga Classes, Hospital. There is a big meditation hall for Bhajan, Kirtan and Meditation. To visit & know beautiful attractions, you need a good tour guide that will be helpful to understand the importance of Sivananda Ashram.

History of Swami Sivananda

Swami Sivananda was from Tirunelveli city in Tamil Nadu state of South India and born in a Brahmin family on 8 September 1887. The real name of Sivananda was Kuppuswami, He was very active did medical study and became a physician and served for poor people. He came to Rishikesh in 1924 and met his guru Vishwānanda Saraswati stayed another side of Ram Jhula Bridge in a small cottage at the present cottage known as a “Sivananda Cutir”. His guru Vishwānanda initiated him into the Sannyasa life and gave his name “Swami Sivananda”. In 1936 Sivananda form an organization with a name of “Divine Life Society” near the Bank of the Ganga River in Rishikesh with a mission of helping poor people and spreading knowledge of Yoga & Meditation over the world. In 1948 he established Yoga-Vedanta Forest Academy. He gave names to his yoga “the Yoga of Synthesis’ at present also known as Sivananda Yoga Practice. At the end of the life he entered into Mahasamadhi (Act of consciously leaving body) on 14 July 1963 in his Kutir on the bank of the Ganga River.

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