Vashist Cave (Gufa) Visit Rishikesh

About Vashist Cave Rishikesh

Vashist Gufa or Vashist Cave is a very ancient cave where great Rishi (Sage) Vashistha meditated. He was the guru of Lord Ram and also among the seven great sages as well known as Saptarishis. Legends stats that Guru Vashistha came here to suicide in River Ganga after death of his children. But River Ganga refused his suicide. Then his Wife Arundhati decided to stay here due to the peaceful and new atmosphere so that they could forget the death of their children.

This cave is located near the Badrinath highways on down steps around 27 Kms uphill of Rishikesh. It takes to get there around 30 minutes by car. The is about 20 ft long and at the entrance around 10 ft wide but as you go inside it is slowly tapered down to a height of around 7 ft. and very dark, but really the energy is vibrant and peaceful. At the end of the cave, there is a Shivling. People looking for real peace go there for meditation.

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